Don’t Miss Out On These Sexy Yoga Positions Sexy Stormy Evans In Her Yoga Pants

Yoga Pants Booty is a site all about girls wearing yoga pants (rather than actually about yoga).

But the best thing about yoga is that girls get into sexy poses.

And they just *have* to wear those sexy skin tight yoga pants! I am pretty sure it is almost illegal to do yoga without certified yoga pants.

We’ve just shot the sexy Stormy Evans and we got her to pose in some yoga positions. So why not make a fully complete, professional grade guide on yoga positions? We even include some safety tips at the end. I’m definitely 100% sure that girls read this blog looking for yoga positions to try out. Definitely. And if not… I’m sure you guys will love to check her out!

(all these photos – and the hot video to go along with it – and the photos from all our other scenes can be found on our main Yoga Pants Booty site)

Sexiest Yoga Positions for Girls - The Cobra PositionFirst up is that old classic the ‘Cobra’. Important things to note here is to have you ass facing whoever is perving over you, and stick it out a bit. Make sure you have those skin tight yoga pants on (why would you go to the gym without them girls?).

Downward dog yoga position from a hot girl in yoga pantsDown Dog! This one should again be positioned so your ass and legs are in full view. We offer an alternative version (which is high rated by our readers) later on in this guide. This should be a standard position for girls in yoga pants who want attention from guys.

Stick that ass out in doggy position in yoga pantsOk I may have to shot my inexperience with real yoga positions now as an in-depth Google search couldn’t find a real yoga position name for this. No prizes for whoever guesses how I cam up with the name ‘Doggy’ yoga position.

She has everything right in this sexy pic. Ass up, wearing tight yoga pants, arched back.

Stretch arms in yoga pants

I may have made up the name for this one too. Its a silly pose. Not as sexy as the ones with the ass pointing out. But probably crucial to your stretching or whatever.

Getting hot during yoga positions

This is a genuine yoga position. It must be completed before the next steps, especially if in a public gym. You must convey that you are too hot and must start taking your clothes off to do yoga naturally, and at a comfortable temperature. Also, good excuse to get your tits out. Girls, if you wear yoga pants to get attention of guys – wearing yoga pants and having your boobs out will get you double the attention.

Topless Downward Dog Yoga Position in Yoga Pants

We have already seen the down dog position. This is the improved position (pretty sure it is an exclusive and unique position that we teach at Yoga Pants Booty. Not found any other yoga instructors insisting teaching the topless down dog position.

Topless yoga in yoga pantsBy this point if you are keeping up you would probably be quite tired from all that yoga. It is now ok to start doing some more relaxed moves and start to ensure your well-being and safety (more on that in a couple of steps). This one is important – make sure everyone gets a nice look at your ass. I swear an ass never looks as good as it does in yoga pants. They are magical!

Topless yoga in yoga pants - boobs!Study this position. Study it hard. It is important.

Sexy doggy position in yoga pantsWhen girls get topless, are wearing yoga pants, and are in the doggy position – we call that heaven. Or the ‘I want to tap that’ position.

Safety tips during yogaIt is very very important to check you still have nipples. I heard once they fell off during a yoga session, so be sure to check them often during a yoga workout. Rub them well.

Hands playing with pussy with yoga pants on

It is also important to give your pussy a rub, especially if people are perving over you. Put your hands down inside the yoga pants and just check all is well down there.

Probably don't strip during yoga sessionUnless you are a hot model posing for us at Yoga Pants Booty it probably isn’t a good idea to start stripping during your yoga workout. You will just get weird looks and the gym manager will probably ask what you are doing. Or maybe he will whip out his camera and snap a pic. But it is fine to do it when we are filming you for Yoga Pants Booty pics/vids!

Gorgeous ass in yoga pants and thongBut fuck it*. With an ass like this you should get naked more

*literally. we wish.

Ok. Hope you learned a lot. Good luck on your yoga. If you just want to see more girls in yoga pants porn check out our main site. We get hot models to pose in yoga pants, walk & run while we film their ass, masturbate in yoga pants and more. We also have hot chicks in tight yoga shorts and leggings. All shot by fans of the niche! We love yoga pants (well, girls wearing them).

New Site Design and new photoset/video of Emily Austin in yoga pants is up!

I’ll get the boring news over first. New site design. It was long overdue.

Yoga Pants Booty Redesign

After a few months of a crappy design I finally sat down and worked on a new design in Photoshop.

Now for the much sexier and more exciting news. I have a new set (photos + videos) of gorgeous Emily Austin in yoga pants.

Spying on blonde girl Emily Austin as she wears blue yoga pants

Spying on blonde girl Emily Austin as she wears blue yoga pants

The video starts of spying on her as she bends and stretches in yoga pants. It is a really hot and sexy candid & voyeur video. Once she realizes that her neighbor is creeping out on her and spying on her she actually invites him in to watch properly. And she gives a damn hot show! Check out the scene here.


New girl about to be added to yoga pants booty – Emily Austin – Looking hot in yoga pants!

Shot a new girl today, just processing the photos and videos right now. Her name is Emily Austin and she is a cute blonde pornstar with a great body. Check out some exclusive pics :)

First of these few teaser pics is a hot candid photo i took of Emily while she was wearing blue yoga pants:

Emily Austin Candid Photo as she walks away while wearing blue yoga pants for Yoga Pants Booty

Emily Austin Candid Photo as she walks away while wearing blue yoga pants for Yoga Pants Booty

She of course also posed for some pics, including these on a bed where she strips and masturbates. Well, she half strips. I love it when they still have yoga pants on their legs.

Emily Austin Bent Over In Yoga Pants from Yoga Pants Booty

Emily Austin Bent Over In Yoga Pants from Yoga Pants Booty

And here is a hot pic from the same set. Expect the rest of the pics and vids up on the site in a day or so. Just got to upload it all!

Yoga Pants Masturbation

Yoga Pants Masturbation

It has been a while but here are some pics of the Yoga Pants Booty girls

I meant to update this blog a lot more frequently. I’m always over at @yogapantsbooty and definitely suggest you follow me if you want daily girls in yoga pants pictures ;) But anyway on to this blog post.

Ashleigh McKenzie in yoga pants bending over

I thought I’d post a few photos of the gorgeous slim Ashleigh McKenzie. She is a british chick (could you tell from her name?) and looks great in her yoga pants.

(If you are on this site I guess you will agree that all girls look great in yoga pants anyway!)

Nice ass in tight yogapants

Also, big(ger?) news – as well as being able to buy each scene for $7.99 you can join the site for $30 (rebills every 30 days, can cancel any time) and you get access to ALL the scenes. You can download every single video and photo set. Its worth it (in my opinion!). But I would say that. I shot all the pics and vids and love it!

Blonde girl wearing yoga pants outside

Some photos of Tina Morgan wearing Yoga Pants

Just a very quick update here. This is the gorgeous Tina Morgan wearing yoga pants. If you have a yoga pants fetish then you will love these.

Candid photo of Tina Morgan wearing pink leggings

There are some candid pics of her wearing some leggings but then she get changed into ‘real’ yoga pants. In my opinion they all look as hot as each other so there are some leggings pics/vid bits on Yoga Pants Booty.

Yoga porn - bent over in yoga pantsCheck out the scene here (with preview vid)

Setting up the website

I’m currently setting up the website and booking new models for next week. Keeping the design basic. No popups, no ads. Just what I want in a pornsite when I view it.

Ok I’d want all the pics and vids free but I have to pay the models somehow. I do this cos i love shooting hot girls in tight yoga pants but obviously i have to sell the vids at the end.

Here is a first idea I’ve just come up with this morning.

Who knows what the final version of Yoga Pants Booty will look like but maybe something like that. Hopefully should shoot a few more girls soon and get the site up.

Uploading the sexy Sarah Jane for Yoga Pants Booty

Had a fun shoot with the cute chick Sarah Jane last week for Yoga Pants Booty. Got a few videos of her stripping and showing her big ass in yoga pants. If you love a sexy round booty in yoga pants and leggings then this is an update that will please you. She is a really sexy and curvy girl with a great personality. The videos are a really fun watch.

We got some photos and videos of her trying on some sexy yoga pants indoors and a risky outdoors shoot. Managed to get evils from a runner – think she caught her posing her ass for the camera… oops.

Plus her boobs are amazing. This is a site about hot asses in yoga pants but its impossible to not notice her boobs!

First shoot on Yoga Pants Booty, starting with the sexy Ashleigh Mckenzie

About to enter the world of shooting porn. Had first shoot today with the sexy blonde Ashleigh Mckenzie. She is a gorgeous slim blonde babe from London.

We got lots of photos of her hot ass in yoga pants, shot a few videos of her changing in and out of yoga pants, and even some outdoor videos. Shame it was such a freezing cold day.

If you like hot blonde girls in yoga pants you will love this update when it goes up on the site. Stay tuned for more!

- rob